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I had quickly glanced through the thread and thought there was not any new info, but then I saw an interesting comment from Reddit user the Velement who apparently found a nice workaround that would allow you to use latest version of Chrome with the v Sphere Web Client.

I took to Twitter to see if I was the only one hitting this issue since I was not able to find anything on the web and literally in minutes, I had several dozen replies with folks experiencing the same issue which apparently started several days ago but like most, including myself, thought it was an isolated event.

This issue not only affects VMware products that uses Flash but any website that has Flash content and I had also noticed few others sharing frustrations on Twitter for other flash-based websites.

Its also been reported that latest updates from Firefox is also distributing the latest Flash which causes the exact same issue.

Like most, Chrome is my default browser and it was annoying that I had to switch to another browser but that was the only way I could access the content I needed.

Earlier this evening, I was looking at the VMware Reddit Channel and noticed a thread had popped up regarding this exact issue and it looks like more and more folks are now noticing.

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