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The port may handle one particular type of cargo or it may handle numerous cargoes, such as grains, liquid fuels, liquid chemicals, wood, automobiles, etc.Such ports are known as the "bulk" or "break bulk ports".Access to intermodal transportation, such as railroads and highways, is critical to a port, so that passengers and cargo can also move further inland beyond the port area.Ports with international traffic have customs facilities.is one where the water does not freeze in wintertime.Because they are available year-round, warm-water ports can be of great geopolitical or economic interest.

Most cargo ports handle all sorts of cargo, but some ports are very specific as to what cargo they handle.The "cargo port" is also further categorized into a "bulk" or "break bulk port" or as a "container port".A cruise home port is the port where cruise ship passengers board (or embark) to start their cruise and disembark the cruise ship at the end of their cruise.Often, canneries or other processing facilities will be located nearby.Some ports feature canals, which allow ships further movement inland.

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