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The latter style may not be universally loved, but they place the player's fate in their own hands with a reliance on twitch reactions, all while bombarding the senses with some cinematic flair.

The circular stages that have dominated attention come in various forms; the principle is that, in certain areas, you can run around a 360 degree area and explore.

As an idea, however, these new stages are reasonably well applied and add welcome diversity to the level design, with a number of occasions when you can choose from a variety of options such as platform hopping, attempting to reach a wisp — special powers first seen in Sonic Colours — or wall running to the next platform.

These moments of flexibility aren't as common as may be expected, but are fun when they arrive and add spice to proceedings.

In some cases the Deadly Six are polished off with ease, with the encounter over within seconds, and on at least one occasion the attacking hook was so poorly designed that even when knowing what to do, actually With difficult moments and the overall complexity of the various mechanics, however, we struggle to imagine young gamers battling through more than the early levels.

Experienced gamers will likely be comfortable adopting the variety of attacks and manoeuvres, and when Sonic is blasting along naturally Lost World is undoubtedly a delight — homing attacks and acrobatics look and feel fantastic at times.

Cheerily blazing away we also have a reasonable soundtrack albeit one, again, unlikely to stay in mind for long.We've mentioned that the storyline and presentation seem planned to target potential new and young fans, but this is a demanding, difficult game to play, and not in a positive sense.Difficulty in games shouldn't be a complaint in its own right, and it's not an issue with the entirety of this title.It's not exceptional or fascinating to our jaded sensibilities, but to young gamers it'll likely play out rather like a decent cartoon plot, and the fact that Sonic and Dr Eggman (give it up, Robotnik fans) have to work together sets up some good lines.With reasonable CG cutscenes and enthusiastic voice acting, this is a solid effort from SEGA in playing up the cheeky Sonic, innocent and clever Tails and the slightly exasperated genius of Eggman, with cameos from the likes of Knuckles; the Deadly Six villains do a job, but they're generic enough to be unmemorable in comparison to the main stars.

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