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I left a few things back at the house, shoved what I needed into my coat and finally made my way into the stadium.I'd snagged a solo ticket on Stub Hub the night before, right by the 50-yard line and up about 30 rows."By The Big House," as he affectionately calls the place, used to sit at what is now the 40-yard line of Michigan Stadium, and the building was cut in half and moved down the street per the request of the owners, the Fisher family, when they sold their land to the school.You can still see "The Fishers" on the front door knocker.I also met former Wolverines running back Vincent Smith (you may remember him from this), who's now running community gardens in Flint, Michigan, and his hometown of Pahokee, Florida, to increase access to healthy foods, reduce juvenile crime and use gardening-based intervention to curtail violence. I bounced a few blocks down to meet my good friend Steve Smith and two more hosts, Frank Line and his daughter, Emily.

So you can see how I made it past the age of 30 without any interest in major college football.

I'm declaring myself the College Football Bachelorette, ready to be wooed by the best that the game has to offer. Because of the last-minute nature of my trip, I traveled without a wingman, so Michigan didn't get quite the same treatment as Ohio State and Wisconsin, but I did my best to make the most of my limited time in Ann Arbor and enjoy one of the best rivalries in sports, OSU-Michigan.

Over the course of this season, I'll take a group of 24 teams and whittle them down until I find my ideal squad. I arrived in Detroit and drove the 45 minutes or so west, pedal to the metal, to get situated in time to do my radio show, "Izzy and Spain," live from my hotel room.

So I've decided it's time to take control of my college football destiny. You can help me each week by answering questions and sending videos and photos that give me major CFB FOMO and make me want to rock your colors. I'm ready for love, and I'm here for the right reasons. (link in bio) A post shared by Sarah Spain (@spain2323) on Last week, when I was supposed to be announcing the winner of College Football Bachelorette, I was instead calling an audible to bring the Michigan Wolverines back into the race.

It's never too late to fall in love with a team, and that's what I plan to do. Come season's end, we'll make this the most dramatic College Game Day ceremony ever. Which means while you all were dozing in and out of a tryptophan-induced slumber the day after Thanksgiving, I was hopping a flight up north to squeeze in a third and final Fantasy Taildate.

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