Oracle of dating series

As such, she's mostly out of the picture for the first two books beyond briefly mentoring our new protagonists, but returns in the third, with a divine quest from her mother on her hands — to find the Athena Parthenos and return it to the gods, at whatever cost. On his mother's side, he is descended from Poseidon through one of the Argonauts.

Due to this powerful legacy and the subsequent gifts he receives thanks to them, the gods (specifically Juno), decide to balance this out by tying his life to a piece of wood — should the wood ever burn out, Frank dies.

As one of the most experienced on the team, she serves as an adviser and Cool Big Sis to the more inexperienced heroes, as well as The Leader and mastermind of all of the Seven.

Following Percy's disappearance prior to the second series, Annabeth struggles to balance searching for him, being head counselor of the Athena cabin, holding the rest of Camp Half-Blood together, and undertaking the task presented to her in the previous series of redesigning Olympus.

Having been raised Roman, Jason is serious and a natural leader, although he does have his moments of good humor.

However, he does struggle with the pressure of leading sometimes, being very critical of himself every time he makes a mistake.

Whenever she thinks about her past life she has flashbacks (akin to very real dreams) towards them, and can even pull others in with her. Beyond the aforementioned ability to summon gems, she is also able to use them in combat.

And most importantly, he learns that he's Hera's Roman representative to the Greek camp — like Percy is the Greek representative to the Roman camp, of which Jason was former praetor of.Some mishaps later, in which Jason reveals himself to be a good fighter despite not remembering anything, Gleeson Hedge, Annabeth, and Butch successfully deliver the three of them to Camp Half-Blood, with the revelation that the three of them are demigods.Jason is claimed by Zeus, and leads a quest to rescue the goddess Hera.Marie had asked Pluto to give her all the riches of the earth, and Pluto had obliged by giving their daughter the power to summon gemstones.However, the gems she summoned were cursed, leading their buyers to horrible fates, and she and Marie ended up none the better.

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