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The system is extended with a force-distance control.

The method contains the analysis of a whole vehicle FEM simulation to develop a methodology for controlled force transmission with the pneumatic cylinders for a structural component test bench.

It is often considered as a benchmark of its structural competence due to its effect on various parameters like ride, handling, lateral load distribution and NVH performance of vehicle.

The main geometrical changes between the cylinder heads include a variation of intake valve diameter and slight modifications to the exit of the intake port.

Abstract Structural component testing is essential for the development process to have an early knowledge of the real world behaviour of critical structural components in crash load cases.

It can simulate vehicle vibrations in the x, y and z translational axis and in the roll pitch and yaw axis rotation.

To use this platform to emulate the real vibration measured from vehicle seat base under real operation for vehicle seat suspension test in lab, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is applied to collect the acceleration data from a real vehicle.

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