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When you know the motivation, you can target the product to the correct customer base. You can't sell a product until it is defined and positioned. Step 1: Offer a free "fact sheet" to customers that shows your expertise. For More See: "How To Sell On The Phone." Top : Home a. If you doubt this pick up almost any paper and proof read the ads or look for corrections and retractions of past incorrect ads. For some strange reason people feel we must include the full body in the shot and the faces of the employees are lost.

This information will tell you where and how to reach your targets. Offer a gift or discount for completing the survey. Offer complimentary business related information to potential customers. Sharing costs makes high-quality printing and larger ads affordable. Research shows a message must be repeated to be remembered. Test a new idea by phone before you commit to costly promotions. Response from 100 phone calls will be similar to 1,000 pieces of mail. You'll receive faster results, it costs less, and you'll generate greater input and feedback. In most cases your ad won't receive the care and attention to detail it deserves because of the time constraints. If you are using a photo of your employees, the common mistake is to take the photo from too far away.

You are holding this information because of an Internet site or a local or national promotion. Note: Look at last years edition and check with advertisers and see if the response was worth going in these sections. For More See: "What You Should Know Before You Place A Newspaper Ad." Top : Home Where your ad appears in the paper can have a dramatic impact on how successful it will be.

These sections usually have a larger readership than the regular newspaper and your ad can generate more business.

Your customers will forget you if they don't hear from you. Be patient, your efforts will pay off in the long run. The rule is "take care of the customer and he'll take care of the company". Keep up with changing events in your industry by subscribing to trade magazines. Lists of all available magazines are available at the library. Many of these magazines do surveys of their subscribers that answer questions such as: 1. A complete listing of trade magazines and newsletters. No matter what the state of the economy is people are always starting businesses. For More See: "How To Write A Direct Mail Letter That Gets Results." Top : Home Pay attention to questions new customers ask you.

The marketing message must be constantly reinforced. Most marketing plans take at least 60 - 90 days to produce even minimum results. Just because issues are important within an organization they do not automatically have relevance to your customers. This is a by-product of "fuzzy-thinking" and the problem points to managers that lack experience. When you consider any project look at it from the customers point of view, not the company. What age group buys the largest amount(s) of my product? What is the most successful advertising medium to promote my product? For More Look for the "Encyclopedia of Periodicals" at your local library. Hand write "Personal" on the outside for better response. Keep a library of well-written letters for employees to use as models.

(Motor Oil packaged with your new funnel invention.) For More See: "Build You Business With Co-Op And Co-Branding Advertising." Top : Home a. For More See: "25 Low Cost Advertising Tips." Top : Home a. Higher prices separate you from the crowd, and implies your product is better, an deserves a premium price. Use photos of you and/or your staff in your promotional materials. A quote from the person pictured conveys friendliness and builds confidence in your company. Responses to seminars and programs are dramatically higher when photos are used. Make sure you put a time limit on promotional materials. " Top : Home When running newspaper and /or magazine ads the salesperson will sometimes recommend they do the design of your ad as a money saving option. Not because they can't do it, or don't have the ability, but because newspaper designers are under a deadline to create many ads in a short amount of time.

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Why does Mc Donalds advertise every day on every channel? At one time he was 0,000 in debt and had judgments filed against him. Do you have that kind of determination, drive and attitude? The library has more information on business than anyone can possibly read. The librarians will research and find the information you need. Your materials will go through several evolutionary changes over the years and you will never be totally happy with them. These are available at most grocery stores, newsstands and the library. Most industries have organizations that support that industry. Offer seminars, establishing your company as an expert on the subject. Seminars help cement relations with current customers, attract prospects, and increase your company's exposure. Choose a topic with broad appeal among your client and prospect base. With e-mail, fax machines and cellular phones most of us don't write letters any more. NOTE: In the September 1992, issue of Success magazine is the story of Herb Vest. For More See: "Customer Key Phrases To Watch For." Top : Home a. The reality is that no communications project is ever more than 90% perfect There's always something that could be revised and improved. It is better to accept a 90% perfect project and finish it so it can begin to do its work, rather than keeping it caged while chasing the elusive 100% perfect goal. If you have a new business or product, the important thing is getting some kind of message out there. I wonder where we can find a list of these organizations? There is always someone at these meetings who can help you succeed. For More See: "How To Advertise: Planning Your Ad Budget Strategy." Top : Home a. Eskimos eat whales, and tiny termites eat mighty houses the same way.... General Motors didn't start at its present size, its doors opened on the first day of business with no customers just like yours. Good management, a good product properly positioned, and a "never give up" attitude. Even with small bites the meal may become more than you can swallow. Isn't it better to get complaint feedback right away rather than wait until you have hundreds of unhappy customers. Talking to people in the same industry can give you a good idea of what to try and not try in business promotion. You will still drain off a lot of his customers on a busy sale day and you will be perceived as a better place to do business. You can have some pink flowers and some red flowers with little or no additional cost depending on how your printer handles screens. Give several cards to business associates who might be able to promote your business. So, the smart marketer will acknowledge the motivator and the need to rationalize in presenting his/her product or offer. Have you ever considered the color when buying a car? For More See: "Understanding Why Customers Buy." Top : Home What firm has the best billing system? For More See: "How To Promote Your Business By Word of Mouth." "What To Do If Your Competition Is Lying About You." Top : Home For every trend, there is at least one counter trend. For example: A florist wants red flowers around the borders of his brochure and black ink for the text. Pink is a 50% tint of red, it is not another color. For More See: "How To Market Your Business When A Business Card Is All You Have." a. A two-page spread attracts about one-quarter more than a one-page ad. A full-page ad attracts one-third more readers than a half-page ad. People respond better to illustrations or photos showing the product in use rather than those that show the product just sitting there. Ads with people in them attract more attention than those without. Should you use your limited advertising budget to create larger, more visible ads that restrict you to advertising less frequently, or smaller, less visible ads that you can then afford to run more frequently? For More See: "How To Advertise: Planning Your Ad Budget Strategy." Top : Home While people like to believe they react rationally to offers, etc., the truth is they react emotionally and then look for the rationale to confirm their decision. If you only measure yourself versus your competition, you'll only be as good or a little better than they are. Negative word of mouth, especially on computer bulletin boards and systems like the Internet, can cripple your business even more than positive public relations can help it.

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