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Or at least the states ad campaigns have convinced me of!When the Swan River meets the coast and beautiful sandy beaches line the suburbs, it has a collection of natural wonders within it’s state lines that everyone should see at least once in their lives.Situated on the Timor see it is the largest city in the very sparesly populated Norther Territory.As well as markets, crocodiles and cruises, you’ll find strong Aboriginal cultures here, as evidenced by the array of languages spoken in the streets, and the vibrant Aboriginal art that fills the city’s galleries and museums.

Brisbane is the capital of Australia’s most populous state, Queensland and is the gateway to Australia’s most loved ‘holiday’ destination.

As the city is almost closer to Asia than any other Australian cities (flights to Bali or Cairns take the same amount of time!

) also means you’ll also find strong Asian influences, especially in the energetic food scene and night markets.

As Australia’s capital city (and the home of Parliament House), Canberra is home to a mix of residents who’ve relocated from larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney to work in politics, government and media.

(Which all sounds incredibly dull) But Canberra has upped it’s game in recent years and shouldn’t be missed off your Australian to-do list.

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