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Later in a 1963 speech at Columbia University, Aldous admitted the Aim of Eugenicists was the same as that of his book.9 ECONOMISTS - Economists have been paid - Adam Smith (and his Satanic Mandevillian, "Public benefits come from Private Vices") was a hack, paid by Lord Shelburne, Head of the British East India Company, foundation of the British Empire - to create an Economics which would perpetuate the Bankers of the British Empire, later the Anglo-American Empire.

Austrian Economics and it's Austerity - The Oligarchic Principle of Poverty - was supported and spread by Nelson Rockefeller. I guess the education system isn't full proof indoctrinating your children into Bolshevik Communism...need more weapons to more quickly dumb down humanity...vaccines are all set up to make the tribe over at the Rockefeller medical industrial complex Billion a year....autism was practically unheard of until they started pumping babies with tainted vaccines to turn them into a bunch of handicapped chimps...

My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it - and see below the supporting evidence.

Even when that truth is cautious or, worse, unpleasant.

Fake gangs have been used in Ireland (IRA), Vietnam, Italy - GLADIO, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Iraq, Syria (ISIS), New York (Al Qaeda) and many other places.

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Stephen Grey's book The New Spymasters says the UK intelligence services used the family of 'IRA leader' Gerry Adams as spies for the UK military.SATANISM/LUCIFERIANISM/33RD DEGREE FREEMASONRY - Pagan Rituals and Myths used to pervert, degenerate and control a psychopathic ruling class.Mao was a 33rd Degree Freemason put in place by the CIA!! KARL MARX - Wrote Das Capital from his MI6 provided office in the British National Library under Ambassador Urquhart creating MI6 inspired Communism, Russian Revolution (65 millions tortured dead) and Mao's Chinese Revolution (85 millions tortured dead), and Socialism.The UK's General Frank Kitson (Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism) refers to the 'Fake gangs' set up by the security services.The idea of the 'Fake gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on other people.

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